Goodmorning everyone!



Again the ‘thank you for buying this garment’-cards but this time I hope to make clear what I want for my basic layout. So the left is the basic logo, in the middle the logo is put in a colour that represents the inspiration for the first collection (bamboo) and at the right the logo is put in a colour that represents the inspiration for a second collection (the Netherlands).

Of course I’m nog working on a second collection, but I just made is as an example. Because I noticed when I explained it without an example the idea didn’t came over the way I wanted it.

As Paul Smith told us: you can find inspiration in everything, and otherwise you have to look better.
So for my masterproject I´m finding inspiration everywhere, but what is the best inspiration?
I can see a line in every images, thing, thaught and song I find inspirational: sophisticated, modern, elegant and sexy women. From the 20´s in Paris to the 00´s in New York.
I love textures, dresses and black with a pop of colour. But how can I put al those things in one inspirational image or word? Maybe the image below says it all.
(Tooske Ragas in New York for Linda Magazine)

Simple elegant lines with a pop … (some style like Blair Waldorf or Brook Davis)

Something I always find really fascinating are the styles of characters in tvseries. They have their own style / collection, compiled by a team of stylists. Around these characters are a lot of blogs wich are about the garments and style of the character.
One of the characters is where the hype was huge, was Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City). Other examples are Serena Vanderwoodsen and Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl), Zoe Hart (Heart of Dixie),

For these characters you could start an own fashionlabel, but it happens more often within existing labels (think of the collection that is based on Lisbeth Salander in the Millennium trilogy for H&M).
Why not  make a ‘character’ of me and start a fashion label?

Here the great style / collection of Blair Waldorf throughout the seasons.