Beautiful packaging! A tea tasting set designed by Leolab (graphic bureau from Mexico) for Leticia Sáenz, a primar tea sommelier from Mexico.
Simpel but really nice.

Leticia-Senz-Tea-Tasting-Set-00 Leticia-Senz-Tea-Tasting-Set-02 Leticia-Senz-Tea-Tasting-Set-10



G-Star, the dutch jeanslabel is doing well worldwide. 2013 even seems to be the year of the jeansgigant.
The collaboration with the Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn was a great succes, still is.

But now they also collaborate with Skrillex (an American music producer). Next to love for music Skrillex has interests in designing prints and drawings. Together with G-Star he used this talent by giving his favorite denim a new look.
The pants (the G-Star Elwood, has blind seams and leather trims on the pockets and the heel piece) is designed by Skrillex with handdrawn illustrations of funny deep sea animals.

Below the amazing video: The art of denim, with music from Skrillex.
If there is one (denim) label that I love it is G-star (and Lee ofcourse!), they just have great branding!

As you know my graduation project is about wine.
I’m redesigning the labels for the 4 wines of Hof van Baarle.
Therefore I’m looking for new shapes and colours, something that hasn’t been done before.
Of course the wines of the world (chili, argentina, south africa …) are getting more and more know for their quality, but they especialy stand out for their labels. These labels are intriguing, in contrast to a lot of well know French wines.

One of the French wine labels stands out is Château Mouton Rothschild, every year they ask a (famous) artist to design a label.
Very inspiring! A small list of the artists who designed a label are Warholl, Dali, Picasso …
Here all the labels on a row. (Here you can see them upclose:

And below a little preview of what I’m designing.

chateau mouton rothschild artist labels    vlekken met foto 2 (2)

So the graduation project is decided! It’s going to be wine: ‘Hof van Baarle’.
Biological wine of the region (North Brabant (Holland) and the Kempen (Belgium)).
It will be a new logo, a new label, maybe a new size of bottle, a new giftpackage… it has to have something extra, something special with the focus on the fact that the grapes are grown in both countries. And ofcourse letting people know that wine from this region is also good wine, not only the wines from France, Italie, Spain, South Africa, Chili, Argentina … are the good wines.

So to get in the mood some beautiful designs for wine bottles. And if you have any tips or examples of nice design, super ugly design or good wine just let me know!

8c3be9fbc3bf4adef651cde11b36cbcd 11_15_12_expaatrius_8 060-BOLDINCREATIVE-SAINT-SINNER-570x570 andresen2 Buddy-Mulled-Wine gavino-sanna gutoggau-wine-portraits_1 Jasdi-potw-01 magnificent-wine