I posted something about this beautiful fabric designs from Vlisco before. But since I’m thinking and looking for a way (or different ways tot test) to take pictures of my sarongs I came back to Vlisco.
I just love their way of showing the fabrics (ok it are clothes but even then it is all about the print) with a model and give all the attention to the prints. In the picture below I just love the wave in the dress, in my oppion it is close to what I did before wit hmy pictures but then on a model. Definitly something to test out!


It was a very hectic weekend, working hard for the ‘inbetween presentation’ tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And today I had a meeting with the printer for choosing the paper and prices. And I found it!
Not so easy because I needed it in something like a 250gr and in maximum 100gr with a texture and a bit of colour (ofwhite/creme). But with some help I found the perfect paper (in my eyes).

And for tomorrow I want to give everybody a bit of luck with this lucky bamboo (not a real bamboo as I told you, but still for the goodluck during the presenation it counts!)
And now preparing the last things for the presentation (especialy practicing what I want to say).

Still working on the publication (I think it is oke, but oke is not good enough, so tomorrow a meeting and we’ll see what comes out of it) and the little drawings for the lookbook…
Meanwhile looking for a great way to make gigantic (or lets say big)  panels/posters for the jury and exibition in june. And next monday I have a meeting with the printer for the paper of the tags and the lookbook, so we’ll know more then! The tags are ready to be printed so I can’t wait to choose the right papers!

Below just an amazing pictures I found on the internet from one of the best Dutch/Amsterdam Labels ever! Scotch & Soda (and Maison Scotch and Scotch R’belle and Scotch Shrunk)

A beautiful identity with cheeky typography and such a nice set of colors.
The purpose of this project was to introduce the new Toyota Prius by creating a launching campaign in the city of Monterrey, México.
Rod Castro in collaboration with “The Bold Collective”