During my internship I designed a christmascard, christmas banners and christmas signature for the mail. And here they are the banners!


I really needed to clean my desk at home, it was full of sketches and notes from the internship. You can see it under. My desk is clean, my head is next. As you can see, the upper two pictures are very blury. That´s because the sketches there are part of a secret project. When it´s finished I will publish my sketches and end result.

A lot of posts on my blog today. Just some last updates from my work for the internship.
A little logo was needed for the website, that people would know that they can become a partner.
I designed different things, but it needed to be as big and readable as possible.
So for the definitive one: go to the website. An other one you can see here.

As I told I´m currently designing christmas cards. One of the conditions was to refer to the website. You might have seen the use of symboles on the website. With those symbols I made a lot of different patterns and cards. Here a detail of a pattern.

I don´t know what it is with wordpress but my colours always seems way brighter than they are, but if you click on the image you see the colour that I want it to be. I´m sorry for that.

Just to keep you posted on my work for the FFI:
As I told you I am currently doing research on guerilla art and advertising. The goal was an own guerrilla concept for the FFI. Here is a picture of a sketch of me, for the presentation of the concept.
More I can not tell, because everything needs to be discussed and implemented.