The art of G-star

G-Star, the dutch jeanslabel is doing well worldwide. 2013 even seems to be the year of the jeansgigant.
The collaboration with the Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn was a great succes, still is.

But now they also collaborate with Skrillex (an American music producer). Next to love for music Skrillex has interests in designing prints and drawings. Together with G-Star he used this talent by giving his favorite denim a new look.
The pants (the G-Star Elwood, has blind seams and leather trims on the pockets and the heel piece) is designed by Skrillex with handdrawn illustrations of funny deep sea animals.

Below the amazing video: The art of denim, with music from Skrillex.
If there is one (denim) label that I love it is G-star (and Lee ofcourse!), they just have great branding!


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