Zoek 2 bij elkaar horende afbeeldingen. Dit wil niet zeggen dat ze identiek moeten zijn, dit is duidelijk in sommige voorbeelden uitgegeven door BIS. (ook het vorige memory spel (typefaces) is door hen uitgegeven)
Fake for real memory: The images – both historical and contemporary – playfully visualize the classic theme of fake and real. The fun isn’t just in playing the memory game, but also in the surprising, slightly dissimilar images.
Can you tell what is fake and what is real? Design: Hendrik-jan Grievink
Twins memory: find the most sets of identical twins. But be warned: identical twins are not always completely identical! Design: Agnes Kappert
Visual power memory: The photographs on the playing cards are picture montages sampled from images imprinted on our visual memory as icons of the mass culture in which we live. Each card selects a subject from the encyclopaedic image bank that we carry in our heads, manipulating it in an amusing way. Design: Arnoud Van Den Heuvel
Street style memory: These are beautiful photographs of people from all nationalities, photographed in the streets of Amsterdam during 2009. For the game, the pictures have been cut in two. Based on their clothing, their attitudes and backgrounds of the people in the photographs, players can join the slightly enlarged faces with the rest of the bodies. Design: Barbara Iweins
Amsterdam memory: Amsterdam is the world’s most cosmopolitan village. As a brand known all over the world and actually even more familiar than the Netherlands of which it is of course the capital.
Amsterdam is full of iconic objects, sites, buildings, people and brands. This memory game is devoted to images of Amsterdam. Design: onbekend


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